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Working outside of the office space has become more popular since the inception of the global pandemic.

Some people were already working remotely before the lockdown and were familiar with the remote work model.

Unfortunately, many organizations, forced to embrace remote work, are struggling to cope with the challenges of leading remote teams. Many virtual leaders do not know how to inspire productivity in remote employees.

Most remote team leaders find it difficult to discipline team members because of the limited nature of physical interaction and verbal communication.

When team members are not physically present, leaders can feel powerless and…

Content marketing does plenty for your organization. It pushes your site higher in the search engine ranks, pulls in traffic, educates and builds trust with your readers, and hopefully leads to them buying from you (and staying loyal into the future).

But there are plenty of moving parts involved with producing just one perfect piece of content — let alone several in a week.

This is where a content calendar comes in handy.

Your content calendar can be as simple or complex as you need. …

What if I told you there was a simple way to increase productivity and communication within your organization? To create more connections and relationships that will improve your work environment, bring in mentorship. When it comes to mentorship, the connections made by a mentor and mentee goes well beyond just a connection.

Research has shown that high quality mentoring relationships can have positive effects in a variety of areas of life, not just professionally. Mentoring can be a reassurance for the mentee that there is someone there for them, make them feel that they matter, and show them that they…

Workflow automation is the process of simplifying your business processes and making them easier to manage. It can help you streamline your repetitive tasks while helping you focus on the important things. In other words, you can do actual work instead of toiling away on administrative chores.

In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of workflow automation, how different departments can use it to their advantage and how you can start the process of automating your process, as well as some helpful tips along the way.

Workflow automation helps you manage your time better

Workflow automation can positively affect every department in your company. Let us break this…

If we tell you that 80% of businesses use at least one SaaS application, you’re bound to think — that’s an amazing opportunity for me! And you won’t be wrong — SaaS market and revenue keep growing at a pace that often surpasses initial optimistic projections.

However, the SaaS industry also has its dark side — unless you keep up with its stellar benchmarks, the competition will beat you. To be precise, software development companies with an annual growth rate of 20% have only an 8% chance of surviving. …

The difference between goals and dreams is the action plan to achieve them. Project milestones that are laid out coherently with digestible context and enforced through deadlines achieve results, and more importantly provide a framework to navigate the unexpected. Milestones drive a project’s trajectory while providing smaller, achievable markers that structure process, responsibilities, and decisions.

Below are some thoughts on how project milestones create meaningful, contextualized groupings of tasks and propel successful projects.

Table of context

  • What are project milestones and why are they important
  • How project milestones provide structure and responsibilities
  • Benefits of using project milestones
  • Defining milestone goals and objectives
  • Project…

In the formative days of a company, every minute, dollar, and an ounce of energy is precious, which is why you need a project management tool that is cost-efficient, intuitive, and scalable. With a crush of products in the project management market to choose from, it’s easy to spend more time researching solutions than it is actually using one.

We’ve compiled a list of flexible, intuitive, and affordable project management tools to help your startup get started on day one.

1. Nifty

A groundbreaking idea is what all the greatest businesses are made of. Yet, there is a sidelined element to this story. Behind the scenes, there’s one thing that makes it possible for your idea to skyrocket into a successful product — a good plan. A project execution plan creates a bridge between your idea and a team that will bring it to life.

Creating such an execution plan may be easier said than done, so we’re here to turn theory into practice. …

It may have taken some by surprise when Atlassian announced that it would be sunsetting its on-premise version of its JIRA Software by ceasing server product sales in February of 2021 and ending server support in February of 2024.

But those with an eye towards innovation saw a movement towards the cloud coming for quite some time now, and Atlassian is prepared to shed those who aren’t prepared to follow.

Before we jump into the benefits of moving your project management to the cloud, let’s first understand why you’re likely currently hosting your tool locally.

On Premise Incentives

There are…

These are the top ProofHub alternatives to explore when you’re looking to move to a solution fit for the collaborative future of work.

Known for having an impressive array of features at an affordable price, ProofHub is a popular project management solution all around the world, especially amongst client-facing teams. Let’s start by understanding what ProofHub does well, and where it falls short, so we can identify what we’re looking for in the ideal ProofHub alternatives.

ProofHub Pros:

  • ProofHub is certainly feature rich. Complete with client collaboration, time tracking, reporting, invoicing, and project communication, you’ll find that essentially every phase…

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